Medicine, crushed into powder and rolled into a hard ball for swallowing with the help of various impurities.
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Medicine ivermectin in powder, in pills, in tablets. 




Population health - the health of people living in a certain area.

Something unpleasant, offensive. Swallow the pill (listen to an offensive remark without reacting to it). Give the pill to someone (say something unpleasant to someone). To gild the pill (by doing something unpleasant, offensive to someone, try to reduce it, brighten up the nuisance with something). Parsing "It will take me forever to explain everything."



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The general stock of vocabulary (from the Greek Lexikos) is a complex of all the basic semantic units of one language. The lexical meaning of the word reveals the generally accepted idea of ​​an object, property, action, feeling, abstract phenomenon, impact, event, and the like.



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In other words, it determines what this concept means in the mass consciousness. As soon as an unknown phenomenon gains clarity, specific signs, or awareness of an object arises, people assign it a name (sound-letter shell), or rather, a lexical meaning. After that, it enters the dictionary of definitions with the interpretation of the content.



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There are so many words and highly specialized terms in each language that it is simply unrealistic to know all their interpretations.





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In the modern world there are a lot of thematic reference books, encyclopedias, thesauri, glossaries. Let's go over their varieties:/div>